Automate your pipe shop for less than $150K with PypeServer and a Lone Star Cutting Solutions pipe profiler.

Lone Star’s pipe profilers, combined with PypeServer software, give you high-end features and performance at breakthrough prices. With 16″ diameter solutions under $150K, 24″ solutions under $200K, and up to 60″ diameter solutions with full-beveling for less than $325K, you can’t afford not to automate your pipe shop.

Our free Connect plug-ins for Revit, AutoCAD MEP, Fabrication CADmep, and Inventor make it easy to select parts and assemblies for fabrication directly in your model and send them straight to your Lone Star profiler via our free Cloud service.

  • Cut From Your Model Import and nest parts and spools directly from Revit, MSUITE, STRATUS, SysQue, Evolve, AutoCAD, Inventor, and others.
  • Advanced Nesting Save hours by nesting parts in either the office or right at the machine, where operators maximize pipe use and quickly respond to welders’ needs.
  • Label Parts Optional: Uniquely label parts with CAD Design IDS, pipe heat numbers, QR codes, customer, job, and spool number.

PypeServer Enterprise

Take parts & spools directly from your BIM or CAD models to your pipe profiling tool. Enterprise handles O-lets and intersections without hassles, nests parts, prints labels, and makes weld-ready cuts in one smooth workflow. Enterprise will save you more time & material than you thought possible.

PypeServer Lyte

Lyte gives you all the BIM and CAD tool integration we’re known for, but for positioners, saws, snappers, groovers, welders, and manual tools of all kinds. Whether you’re working with copper, PVC, cast iron, all-thread, channel, rebar, lumber, or anything else, Lyte will give you a full cloud-enabled tool workflow at a bargain price.

PypeServer Connect

Free plug-ins for Revit®, Fabrication CADmep®, AutoCAD® Plant3D® & MEP®, and Inventor® Tube and Pipe that let you easily select parts and spools in the model and send them to PypeServer-driven tools for fabrication. If you’re already using STRATUS, MSUITE, SysQue, Evolve, or other CAD software, it’s not a problem. We integrate natively with every major design tool.

PypeServer Cloud Service

Send cut lists without file transfer hassles. Report on real-time fabrication progress, create projects, workgroups, and direct jobs to specific machines. After cutting, reduce or eliminate the need for spool sheets in the shop and the field with a fast 3D spool viewer that works with any device.