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Lightning510 Fiber laser cutting machine is a laser processing solution that is professionally used in metal processing, aerospace, electronic appliances and other manufacturing industries. The equipment is designed with a gantry double drive structure, which is dual gear rack and dual servo motor drive system with high-speed arc cutting function, that can effectively meet the application requirements of metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet, etc

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Lightning 510
Metal Laser Cutting
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Machine Features

• High Rigidity enhanced aviation aluminum gantry
• Integrated structure design
• Over 6" of standard clearance between bed and gantry
• Reasonable overall layout
• Professional laser cutting software with graphic layout and smart corner smoothing functions, fast piercing and cutting
• Rack and pinion drive on X/Y axis provides precise and smooth motion
• Fully enclosed cable track system protects all wires, cables, and hoses
• Fiber laser has better industry leading wall plug efficiency
• Precision linear guide on all axes
• Hand controller is available for easy operation

Machine Specifications

• Working area 59.1in x 118.1in
• Laser power up to 3.5kw
• Transmission System Sync-dual Servo rack and pinion system
• Positioning speed(MAX) 2345 in/min
• Positioning accuracy ±0.001in/39.4in
•Repositioning accuracy of clamp ±0.0008in/39.4in
• Format DXF and NC
• Equipment power 12KW (laser and chiller not included)
• Power supply Three phase 480V
• Total weight 15432lb
• Overall size 343in×113in×89in

Core Part Structure
• Highly rigidity enhanced aviation aluminum gantry
• Gantry double rack & pinion, double servo motor transmission structure, high inertia and large torque output
• Integrated structure design, reasonable overall layout
Core part- electronics and gas
• Schneider electronic parts and Japanese brand SMC electrical proportional valve ensures a stable operation
Foldable 6-Panel System


• Foldable, for ease of storage
• Light weight and wheeled, for maximum mobility
• Unique, 360˚ light-tight hinge technology
• Heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame
• Certified laser safety barrier panels (M5P06)