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The Lariat waterjet table from Lone Star Cutting Solutions paired with the KMT waterjet create the perfect system for cutting all substrates with the use of pure water or abrasive.

CNC Water Jet Machine

powered by KMT pumps, cutting heads & abrasive systems

Waterjet CNC Machine
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Machine Features

• Constructed of heavy 3/8" thick steel walls and 1/2 inch thick undercarriage.
• Dual Side Y-Axis Drive System
• Precision 20mm HIWIN Linear Rails & Bearings on both Axes
• Y-Axis protected by longitudinal tucked rail system
• KOLL-MORGEN A/C Servo Drive Motors
• Fully Enclosed protective bellows
• Abrasive Flow Sensor
• Laser Pointer System

Machine Specifications

• Effective Cutting Width – 4ft 4 inches (52 INCHES)
• Effective Cutting Length – 8ft 4 inches (100 INCHES)
• Machine Height: 72 inches
• Tank Height: 36 inches
• Overall Footprint Width: 123 inches
• Overall Footprint Length: 164 inches
• Linear accuracy - .002 inches
• Repeatability - .001 inches
• Minimum Cutting Speed - .01 IPM
• Maximum Traverse Speed - 500 IPM

Water Jet Cutting Machines

Lone Star Cutting Solutions offers the most high-quality water jet cutting machines in the industry, providing businesses with efficient, accurate, and versatile cutting solutions. Our CNC water jet cutting machines cater to a variety of substrates and applications, enabling users to cut through materials with precision and accuracy.

Our Lariat water jet table is designed for seamless integration with the KMT water jet system. This dynamic duo enables cutting through various substrates using either pure water or abrasive for the cutting process. The Lariat water jet table's design ensures durability and easy operation, providing a reliable water jet cutting machine to meet your business's cutting needs.

Our CNC machine water jet also caters to various shapes and sizes, engineered to accommodate diverse materials and thicknesses. Whether you're cutting metals, plastics, glass, fabrics, or foams, Lone Star Cutting Solutions has the perfect CNC water jet cutter to suit your business's unique requirements

Investing in a professional, informative, and straightforward water jet cutter from Lone Star Cutting Solutions guarantees a reliable cutting solution to enhance your business's success. Choose your CNC water jet cutting machine today, and experience the advantages of high precision and accuracy in all your cutting endeavors. For friendly and helpful answers to any questions you may have, please contact our team today.



4' 5' 6' 8'

Effective Cutting Width





Overall Width






4’, 6’, 8’, 12’ plus.  (Custom Sizes Available)
(Add 4 inches to machine length for effective cutting length) 
(Add 3’8” to machine length for overall footprint)