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The Spitfire by Lone Star Cutting Solutions is your ideal entry point into the world of CNC Plasma design and cutting. This exceptional machine serves as the perfect starting point for all your metal fabrication needs, boasting a fully welded frame designed to meet the demands of your individual shop. We offer in-house or on-site training to ensure you get the most out of this powerful tool.

CNC Plasma Tables for Business Industry and Education

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Swing Arm
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Swing Arm

14 Gauge Steel Construction
Epoxy Coated
Ergonomic Keyboard Placement
17" wide
THC Mount
Emergency E-Stop
Large Flat Screen Monitor
Table Power – on/off
Control Power – on/off
Front Panel USB Port – 2nd USB located on side
Cutting Oxygen – on/off
Pre-Heat – Hi Low Control
E-Stop Button

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Air Scribe

An Air Scribe is generally used to mark on mild steel, stainless or aluminum.The marker can be used on any thickness material and excels on gauge materials.
The Air Scribe is securely mounted and easily "offset" to any tool already mounted on the machine.
Low Air Consumption
High strength Carbide tipped point
Easy change-out
Easy to service

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Pipe Attachment

Allows efficiently produced shapes and letters as well as pipe cut-off
Manually set External Chuck - 0 inches through 4 inches (external chucking)
Cantilever design - mounted to Cutting Machine
Dual direction rotation
Pipe Jack Support System
ESS Set-up

Swing Arm
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Machine Features

• Linear Precision Guide Rails: Ensure unparalleled cutting precision.
• Lead Screw Lifter: For smooth and reliable operation.
• Rack and Pinion (X, Y): Swift and precise movement.
• 2-Year Warranty: We stand by our product.
• Technical Phone Support for Life: Your success is our priority.

Machine Specifications

Positioning Accuracy: (+/-) .007
Repeatability: (+/-) .002
Overall Machine Height: 45 inches
Max. Traverse Speed: 800 ipm
Max. Tools: 2 (1 Plasma, 1 Scribe)
Max. Plasma System Amperage: 125 amps
Max. Production Cut Capacity: 1” Mild Steel, ½” Aluminum, ½” Stainless

Customization Options:

The Spitfire by Lonestar offers several options to tailor your machine to your specific needs:

Swing Arm Mount

• Swing Arm: Enhanced functionality with 14 Gauge Steel Construction.
• Epoxy Coated: A durable finish for lasting performance.
• Ergonomic Keyboard Placement: Optimal control and ease of use.
• 17" wide THC Mount: Precision control of the torch height.
• Emergency E-Stop: Added safety features for peace of mind.

Air Scribe Attachment:

The Air Scribe is a versatile tool that excels at marking on mild steel, stainless, or aluminum. Its secure mounting allows easy "offset" to any tool already mounted on the machine. This attachment is suitable for various material thicknesses, making it a valuable addition to your CNC Plasma toolkit.

Pipe Attachment:

Our Pipe Attachment option enables efficient shape and letter production, as well as pipe cut-off. With a dual-direction rotation and various chuck sizes available, you can easily adapt to your project's needs.

Power Supply Options:

Powermax65®: Increased cut capacity up to 16 mm (5/8”) with faster cut speeds and automatic gas adjustment.
Powermax85®: Greater cut capacity, faster speeds, and automated gas adjustment for your convenience.
Powermax105®: Cut thicker materials with ease, up to 22 mm (7/8”), thanks to advanced features.
Powermax125®: For even more power, cut through materials up to 25 mm (1”) with quick and simple setup.

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Effective Cutting Length







Overall Width







Overall Length







Gantry Height